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Ready or not, here it comes: Daraz Black Friday 2017 just a month away

20th October 2017

Daraz Black Friday is coming. Exactly a month to go before a salvo of mouth-watering slashed-price deals and discounts will be unleashed upon online shoppers in Pakistan. No one can say they weren’t warned. Now in its third season, Daraz Black Friday is set to start on November 20th.

In the world of e-commerce, Black Friday is a black-tie event. Minus the black tie. It’s Pakistani ecommerce’s equivalent of a Pakistan VS. India match. Brands are looking to compete for the highest returns; sellers across Daraz’s very own ecosystem spend months strategizing their assortments and offers, and of course Team Daraz forgo many a night of sleep to deliver on their bold promise: Pakistan’s largest single ecommerce sale. Ever. Period. No ‘if’s and ‘but’s’. No caveats!

Chief Marketing Officer at Daraz, Hamaad Ravda, gesticulates, “As the leading online marketplace, we keep on eclipsing past triumphs. It’s not just about onboarding greater numbers of trustworthy vendors and scaling assortment. It’s an attitude. As we take on Black Friday 2017, we look back on Pakistan’s first billion rupee sale [Black Friday 2016] and say: challenge accepted.”

That big deal event that Daraz pioneered in 2015 and bested in 2016 is about to get significantly bigger.

The messaging is as simple as it gets, with no reading between the lines required. BIG deals. BIG discounts. BIG brand partners. Pull out a thesaurus and find all the words that apply to ‘huge’, ‘giant’, ‘behemoth’ and chances are, they apply to the e-commerce juggernaut that is Daraz Black Friday.


Daraz Black Friday 2015: Daraz headlines a first for Pakistani commerce

On November 27, two years ago, Daraz.pk hosted Pakistan’s first Black Friday and broke all national sale records - the event was a resounding success and effectively upped the ante for online shopping in Pakistan.

In the words of Omar Moeen Malik, Head of Strategy & Payments, Easypaisa-Telenor Pakistan: We are very happy to have partnered with Daraz for Black Friday 2015 ─ together we moved the boundaries of e-commerce and financial inclusion in Pakistan.

Daraz Black Friday 2016: Daraz gives Pakistan’s it’s 1st billion-rupee sale

Black Friday returned with a vengeance so fiery it surpassed Black Friday 2015 records within mere hours of commencement. What began as a benchmark had now been established by Daraz.pk as a staple of the commercial calendar.

Black Friday as a milestone in many Daraz vendors’ trajectories

Noted sellers on Daraz like Abdullah Bawa speak of the centrality of Black Friday in warming them up to Daraz’s rousing prospects in a (then) fledgling e-commerce market.  

Bawa credits Daraz with inspiring other retailers to take on the gauntlet of Black Friday, “When Daraz launched their precedent-setting Black Friday, brick and mortar stores followed suit as did various online shops. Daraz established Black Friday as a viable, marketable moment retailers and advertisers would be foolish not to earmark in their commercial calendars.”

It was during the first Black Friday that Bawa, like countless Daraz customers, made his first Daraz purchase and, rest assured, his parents, sisters and cousins followed right after. Starting off, they had reservations. Now, they have wishlists.

Black Friday 2017: The biggest sale gets BIGGER

In 2015, Daraz started a retail trend. In 2016, Daraz gave Pakistan its first 1 billion rupee sale. What milestone are they set to achieve in 2017? Come November 20th and people will be sure to find out. The tight-lipped Team Daraz are keeping a closed lid on the precise mechanics of its Black Friday deals for now, but rest assured it will be the biggest retail event Pakistanis have seen to date.

Black Friday survival kit

  • An internet connection

  • Daraz App to stay abreast with the latest offers  (download it here!)

  • Your wish-list ready!

  • Your cards activated

  • There is a special Black Friday code this year - have you seen it yet?